Feminism! really ?


It’s not a fairy tale or story full of thriller, but a reality to change the world , to change the society we are living in and to cure the cancer of gender inequality. let me clarify it, I’m talking about inequality that the women of most of the country are suffering from;  It’s been a century women are treated as  slaves by misogynist men, since then women empowerment has became a very important issue which is achieving it’s goal to provide the women with equal treatment as male do; but like as always some  men as well as women are sabotaging the process of reconstructing the bridge of equality. A word “feminism” , which is world widely famous, the word which is mostly misinterpreted by men and women; these are kinds of men consider feminism as “More importance given to the women” and consider women as a weak chain of society, on the other hand the women who misuses the laws created for females to safeguard  their rights for their own greed, are needed to be executed, these people has created a big misunderstanding  between both the genders about feminism. Muslims countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Indian etc women are given almost  negligible importance because of their orthodox nature. 

“If people don’t change their mentality then this world will be in riots”.

Self respect ” An art of living”


“A person without respect is like, A dream without fantasy”

Although today’s, every human on this planet is running in the rat race for earning prosperity, money, power and win respect at the most , but “are we really living a life that we always wanted ? I guess no! , in this run of life, we sometime come up to some points where we lose our self-respect, which is just a big reason of our failures, strength-less and monotonous life. So the here the question rises that how people lose their self-respect? The answer is not so quite simple, so I would like to articulate, what self-respect is all about.

Self-respect is not a measure of someone’s destitute condition, or that the only person with white collar job only gains the pleasure of self-respect, it doesn’t see whether genders, races; my point here is that everyone can gain respect for herself/himself. How to gain self-respect? Giving own priority the second place is the common biggest mistake that every person do who is lacking self-respect, for instance a person loses his/her self-respect in wasting time and money for another person who don’t respect the former, You kill time for something that doesn’t even worth , you give up your health and fall into that abyss of laziness, you give up your career of interest for some shity advises that were given to you, you give up your opinion because some shity person said “you are wrong” really? , Do you deserve this all; Hell No! remember, “In this world where no person wants your better than you yourself”, what happened when people like Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt , Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt , Albert EinsteinThe person of the century” etc, would have lost their self-respect?, Albert Einstein, who worked all day polishing shoes of others, if he can’t lose his self-respect, why would you?, show the world that you have got your own priority and you can’t let yourself down in front of anything in this world.

Remember, “The people who respected them-self made the an unforgettable history”

Merry Christmas to all readers

Unsuccessful Champion


Now a days , we listen people around us always ditching their destiny, getting their dream crushed under number of excuses; but is it true? , i think  no there is a problem of different perception every human becomes a scientist, when they get themselves caught  in some undesirable  situation called ” failure”. Am i making any mistake in writing failure instead of  unsuccess, ‘Probably i am not’, There is huge difference between , failure is a person who give up, but  the person who gives  up the excuses, is unsuccessful also known as future role modal.

So who are you ?

Give an appropriate tittle.


What is reality?

Today, I’m going to talk about what is god, science , atheist and theist. I want to become a good imaginative person, which i think every reader want to,Don’t you? ;Imagination is what we call Science or The God.
Now, you must be thinking why imagination is so important for a scientist, the only reason i can tell you is that scientist the child of imaginaton, While science itself is indivisible part of imagination with litte taste of proof. Different people have different perception about science. There are two types of people in world ‘Theist’ and ‘atheist’, the people who could not or never undestood science are theist, this people are who belive in an firm entity known as god which they themselve never seen ; then there comes people who don’t belive in this superstitious unit, they are the mostly science belivers or the people who belive in what they see through their eyes… ;Now you must be thinking you belive in both science and The God, right? I have a big place for you guys , you all ocupy the biggest part in the human race, and i call them ‘Belivers’. so this the biggest question for the you all why you come in this category, or we should let it be the way it is?, And what is God?,god is imagination
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Intriguing Minds in the virtual world

It’s been a long time since I wrote any blog, the thoughts which were flowing through my mind about observing other people. I always get curious to read things, observe the nature, nature of mystical flora and fauna. Observing other people was my old hobby to analyze and learn without indulging in any unsettling odds. being an Introvert, “Can’t say that Cause I meet more people than any average outgoing individual, I guess I can settle with this cliche term of “Ambivert”, though I don’t really have more friends than an introvert guy”. Social Media has been a lifesaver for me, from getting a summer job to getting direct advice from the expert of the field. This generation is so much glued with social media that you can easily perceive their personality by just looking at their social media profiles. I connected with a lot of interesting people from all around the world and it’s always so much inspiring how other people’s thought process goes off the limits of general stereotypes. From ideas to different to perspective of life. when I see someone getting success in certain realm. I find myself motivated to do the right things. Well, there is one drawback too, sometimes the connection with Mediocre, Toxic and biased people can be harmful to the subconscious side of our brain because ”you think what you see and become what you think”. All in one go!! I have seen  a lot of people who become completely different in this social  networking world, some becomes highly talented writers, poets, philosophers, artist, photographer etc, and some become toxic manipulating influencers, be it’s your  classmate or colleague, who post  a lot of pictures of their fake life or any biased celebrity. The choice was always yours, no one can take that privilege from you. 

See you!!


The Game of not giving a damn

“Have ever been victimized of arrogance of some people, who belittled you in some event of your life?” if yes then you got to learn the most important skill  to survive in this world, some people mistake it with arrogance, some call it weird, but legends call it “The Game of not giving damn”. Let me start with my own experience, I use to get treated like a garbage by people around me whether it was school teacher, family person , relatives or friends(fake); I use to think why this happens to me. In meanwhile with all this experience, all the cruelty of others, after many year my behavior changed a lot, now the way I treat people made me more important; giving sufficient respect and time to other can cause damage to you, it can deteriorate your image in very small time interval, but if you are smart to act at right time and pull the trigger by denying their demands, you might end up being tagged as supercilious but you save your respect. Let’s go to the situations which arises at family events or any other get together when people ask you about your career which you love the most, they try to undergrad you, what is your first action? , “Do you debate?”, because that is the most improper thing to do, instead of you can just ignore these kind of mediocre. The fact is “In this world no one deserve that much shit”. It depends on you how you tackle the situations coming in your life.

So the conclusion is not giving too much response to people is much better option than arguing and that isThe Game of not giving a damn“.

Thank you for reading.